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20 kW 3 Phase Grid Tie



Key Features 

  • Three Phase 
  • 5 + 5 Year Warrantee
  • Rugged Construction
  • Grid Tie 
  • IP 65 - Can be installed outside, in Dusty area
  • Solid Aluminium Construction 
  • Built to last
  • Advanced - power and power factor control
  • Integrated DC Switch
  • RS 485 Comms

More details

4 - 6 weeks

R 89,570.94

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Duel MPPT Tracker

Intelligent 2-MPP-tracker solution

The two MPP trackers support symmetrical (50/50 %) and asymmetrical loading (33/67 %) at the DC inputs. The option to use asymmetric loads is a big advantage in installations that contain both east and west roofs.

Outstanding Technical Properties

A high peak efficiency of 98.2 % and a wide input voltage range of 250 V to 1000 V characterize this inverter.
Full power MPP tracking is available at an input voltage from 480 V to 850 V (for balanced loads at the DC inputs).
The extended operating temperature range (-20 °C to +60 °C) and the IP65 protection degree of the electronic compartment allow installation in harsh environments

Easy Installation

The inverter contains an integrated DC disconnector. A mounting plate and IP65 AC plug are included in the scope of delivery. Via the RS485 communication interface, a monitoring system can be connected, e.g. the Delta S

Solivia Monitor

Connection to SOLIVIA Monitor 2.0

The Gateway is needed for a connection to Delta's SOLIVIA Monitor 2.0 monitoring web portal. It transmits statistics data and messages about the operating behavior from the inverters of the PV plant to the web portal.

Control of Asymmetric Grid Load

The Gateway can be used to control asymmetric grid load. An asymmetric grid load can occur when 1-phase inverters are connected in 3-phase grid. In some countries limits for the asymmetric grid load are defined, e.g. 4.6 kW in Germany.
The gateway monitors the grid load and regulates the feed-in of the inverters in case of a not allowed aymmetric grid load.

Connection to Ripple Control Receiver

Via the Gateway, the inverters of a PV plant can be connected to a ripple control receiver which is mandatory in Germany for PV plants larger than 30 kW.

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